Pierre Paul-Hus visits Washington for cyber security talks

September 24, 2018

Conservative Party of Canada

Ottawa, ON - The Shadow Cabinet Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Pierre Paul-Hus, will be travelling to Washington, DC this week for meetings with American officials to discuss the state of cyber security within the five-eye community and around the world.

Paul-Hus has meetings scheduled with officials from the National Security Agency, the Pentagon, the State Department and the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Protection Subcommittee to name a few.

“The threat of cyber-attacks on our country and our citizens is a very serious matter. We need to adopt the best practices to minimize these threats in order to protect our critical infrastructure and our economy. Cyber-attacks are a moving target and we need to be ready at all times.” said Paul-Hus.

The Shadow Minister who is also the Member of Parliament for Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles is also scheduled to meet with industry and civil society leaders who are also engaged with the challenge at hand. Paul-Hus added that “We are a government in waiting and we are preparing to restore order and sound governance to Canada in 2019.”

For more information:

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